IBM Maximo Asset Management product; It helps manage all asset types and offers you a single point of control for all asset types by managing all equipment types on a common platform. With IBM Maximo Asset Management, you can monitor and report all phases of your assets in the life cycle. It can be used on-site or as a service (Cloud) product.

Maximo Asset Management includes and offers six management modules with advanced service focus.

  • Asset management
  • Work management
  • Service management
  • Contract management
  • Stock management
  • Supply management

What can you do with Equipment Management?

  • You can identify the root causes of your failures.
  • You can manage your breakdown and periodic maintenance works.
  • You can easily follow your failure notifications through the application and from mobile devices.
  • You can plan your periodical maintenance and supply the necessary materials in advance.
  • You can easily navigate your teams on the map (googlemaps / bing).
  • You can work mobile in field operations.
  • You can manage the stock status of your spare parts and materials.
  • Improve the performance of your assets and maximize your investment income.
  • You can get the reports you want for critical elements such as equipment, stock, resource.